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Tantra Massage for Men
A warm perfumed oil, applied all over your body, will make you feel serene and good.

Tantra massage for men consists in gentle movements alternating with deeper and slower touches, which result in a captivating sensual dance.

Body, mind and spirit are in perfect harmony, ready to reach the trantic ecstasy.
Couple Tantra Massage
Couple Tantra Massage is the perfect intense experience to be shared with your partner.
It is a really captivating sensual massage which will make you experience unique moments of intimacy; it can be made by one or two female therapists, or by a female and a male therapist.
Deep touches alternate with wave-like movements, engaging both the body and the spirit. The couple will enjoy this atmosphere and melt into one single entity.
Classic Tantra Massage

This massage explores and stimulates all areas of your body: feet, legs, gluteus, back, hands, neck, head, face, and, eventually, genitals.

A light and graduated pressure is applied to all those areas, which are caressed through gentle and relaxing circular rubbings.

Once the back of the body has been massaged, the front will be massaged in turn.

During the massage, the 7 main Chakra points will be stimulated and touched.

By doing so, the activation of those energy centres which the Tantra tradition believes are the points where the human spirit flows, your body will relax and you will rediscover your sensuality, until you will reach a psychophysical equilibrium.
Love Massage

It is a very relaxing and enchanting moment dedicated to love, during which you will be cherished and protected through warm hugs.

Besides leading you through a manual dance, the operator will make you reach a soft loving condition.
Japanese Nuru Massage

The word “Nuru” has Japanese origins and means “slippery”.

By using a special Japanese gel obtained from colourless and odourless nori seaweeds having soothing and refreshing properties, a slippery and exciting dance of bodies will make the Nuru experience a real paradise of the senses that you must  try at least once in your life!

The aim is to increase and maximise pleasure until the person being massaged abandons himself and relax.


It is a practice which was first performed in India at the end of the V century B.C.
The aim is to get to know your own body and that of your partner, through 5 extremely sensual slow manoeuvres (positions) thought to experience physical and mental pleasure.

Tantric or Indian Massage With Assisted Shower
Body Brushing Massage
Stone Massage
Emotional Massage
Tantric Massage geisha path
Love Massage
Thailandese Massage

Massaggio Tantra Classico / Da 100 euro a 150 euro
Massaggio Tailandese / Da 60 euro a 70 euro
Massaggio Tantra Uomo / Da 100 euro a 200 euro
Massaggio Tantra Donna  / Da 100 euro a 200 euro
Massaggio Tantra Coppia / Da 200 euro a 300 euro
Massaggio Tantrico o indiano / Da 100 euro a 150 euro Con Doccia Assistita
Massaggio Kamasutra / Da 150 euro a 200 euro
Massaggio Nuru Giapponese / Da 200 euro a 450 euro
Massaggio love / Da 180 euro a 200 euro
Massaggio Tantrico percorso geisha / Da 150 euro a 200 euro
Massaggio spazzolatura del corpo / Da 100 euro a 120 euro
Massaggio Hot Stone Massage / 90
Massaggio emozionale /  50 euro


Spazzolatura a secco corpo x eliminare tossine + massaggio / 70
Massaggio Olistico / 90
Stone Massage/ Da 75 euro a 100 euro
Massaggio Cleopatra / 90
massaggio corpo Anti Age  / 90
Massaggio Ayurvedico/ 90 euro
Massaggio Shiatsu/ Da 50 euro a 80 euro
Massaggio Rilassante/ Da 50 euro a 60 euro
Riflessologia plantare/ Da 30 euro a 40 euro
Massaggio drenante/ Da 50 euro a 60 euro
Massaggio anti cellulite/ 50 euro
Massaggio viso 30/50
Massaggio viso e cuoio capelluto/ 30 euro
Massaggio Posturale o decontratturante/ Da 30 euro a 40 euro
Massaggio Sportivo/ Da 60 euro a 70 euro
Massaggio linfatico/ Da 60 euro / a 70 euro
Trattamento Purexpert viso / 70
Viso Strategist Regine / 70
Glicolico viso / 70
Mandelico / 70
Radiofrequenza da 50 a 80
Viso/corpo Cioccotherapy / Da 60 a 90
Viso/Corpo Vinotherapy /  Da 60 a 90
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